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Shankill Area Social History (S.A.S.H) was formed by a group of people who initially attended an eight week history class organised by Greater Shankill Alternatives to promote the positive history of the Shankill Road.  These classes were delivered by local historians Bobby Foster & Albert Haslett in the Spectrum Centre.  The classes covered from the ancient settlements/raths around Shankill in 455AD to the establishment of Shankill as a thriving community in the late 19th century with industrialisation, through the key events of the 20th century to the more recent history of the Shankill.

The classes wet the appetite of the group and inspired by Bobby & Albert’s knowledge of the Shankill,the participants made a decision to form themselves into a history group that would continue to educate its members and also promote the rich history of the Shankill to others.


The group constituted in June 2011, agreed a name Shankill Area Social History (SASH), elected officers and set its aims and objectives.

SASH main activities involve:-

  • Creating video/photographic & document archives related to Shankill
  • Projects & events to promote history/culture of the Shankill
  • Inviting regular speakers to talk on relevant historical subjects
  • Organising tours and visits to historical sites

To date SASH activities have been self financed through a membership fees or services offered in kind by members or guest speakers.  As the group builds it is our intention to seek funding to sustain our ongoing work but also to develop more ambitious projects.

SASH is open to anyone who lives in or has an interest to promote the history and culture of the Shankill.

S.A.S.H meetings are held  Monday morning, 10.30am to 12.30pm in the Spectrum Centre
133 Shankill Road, Belfast,& We can be contacted on  07594532903

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